Sep 18 2017

Introducing Sunbrella® Performance Zippers for Marine Environments

IDEAL Fastener Licensed to Produce the First High-Performance, Bleach-Cleanable Zipper

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, the maker of Sunbrella® performance fabrics, has agreed to a licensing partnership with IDEAL Fastener Corporation, one of the world’s largest zipper manufacturers. The partnership has given way to the first high-performance, bleach-cleanable zipper for marine environments, launching at IBEX, September 19-21 in Tampa, Florida.

“The introduction of Sunbrella Performance Zippers is a significant accomplishment for the marine industry,” said Bill McDaniel, marine market manager for Glen Raven. “Never before has a zipper performed at the level required for the harsh environments boaters experience day in and day out, making their lives on the water easier and more comfortable.”

Sunbrella Performance Zippers feature tape made using 100 percent Sunbrella fibers, giving them the inherent performance characteristics of all Sunbrella textiles – UV and fade resistance, mold and mildew resistance and bleach cleanability – while the specially-designed WX zipper teeth keep wind and water out. The line also features IDEAL’s patented QRX technology for quick release with one easy motion – well suited for marine applications with large or difficult areas such as boat covers and windows. The zippers are backed by performance guarantees for UV stability and bleach cleanability, and the combined design and performance characteristics together increase the life span of the zipper.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Glen Raven to develop a premium zipper for the marine industry,” said Steven Gut, co-president at IDEAL. “When brainstorming how to develop the world’s best zipper for this market, we knew we needed something innovative that would create value for the end user. Sunbrella was the perfect product for us and Glen Raven has been a great company to work with on this project.”

The line is being offered in eight colors – Antique Beige, Black, Cadet Gray, Captain Navy, Charcoal, Pacific Blue, Terracotta and White – that can be mixed and match for different tape and teeth combinations, allowing zippers to be incorporated as a design element, rather than a commodity.

Sunbrella Performance Zippers are available exclusively through IDEAL. Learn more at the Sunbrella booth 1723 during IBEX. High-resolution photos are available in the Sunbrella Press Room.

Established in 1936 in New York City, IDEAL Fastener Corporation is the second largest zipper manufacturer in the world. The Company is now headquartered in North Carolina and operatives numerous manufacturing plants, warehouses and sales offices around the world.

With unrivaled expertise in styling, technology, and manufacturing, IDEAL provides its customers with the best products on the market. IDEAL® zippers are available in a vast range of styles, colors and materials, customized to your exact specifications. When a new feature is needed, you’ll find that innovation is where IDEAL truly excels. The expertise of our engineering team enables us to design anything our customers need. Along with this, our commitment to research and development means that you receive the most technologically sophisticated zippers on the market.

Even though IDEAL is a large company we embody the family values of integrity and service; in other words, large company expertise with small company attentiveness. At IDEAL we are committed to excellence and doing everything in our power to ensure your success. Learn more at

Sunbrella has revolutionized the way the world thinks about how beautiful fabrics look, feel and perform. With an inspired palette of colors, styles and textures, premium Sunbrella fabric gives consumers, designers and architects the material they need to create the extraordinary in marine, shade, indoor upholstery, outdoor upholstery, commercial and contract applications.

Versatile in style and function, Sunbrella fabrics create welcoming spaces indoors and out, offering durability, fade resistance and ease of cleaning. They also offer peace of mind; Sunbrella fabrics have achieved GREENGUARD GOLD certification as contributing to healthy indoor air quality.

Introduced in 1961, Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured and marketed by Glen Raven, Inc., a 135-year-old family-owned company based in North Carolina with operations worldwide. For more information on Sunbrella, including inspiration, fabric collections and where to buy, visit

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